Set Design & Production Fair Stands, Theatre,TV & Film, Exhibitions, POS, Events.
Set Design & Production Fair Stands, Theatre,TV & Film, Exhibitions, POS, Events.

Mowbray - your Project Partner!

 We aim to fit in with your project from the smallest role to complete solutions!

Participating in a Trade Fair and looking for a Partner to maximise your ambitions? Click on the picture to go to our Gallery of Trade Fair stands, and learn how we can help acheive your Goals.
POS? From Stand-alone Sales Stands or Window Dressing to Complete Shoppfitting Designs, we can deliver a solution that works! Click on the image to see some of our work!.
All your needs for Theatre Set Design and Production, TV and Film Sets as well as Events can be catered for here! Click on the image to see some examples of our Productions!

Our role in your Business.

We offer a Sliding-scale involvement, so that we can Design or Produce anything from an individual prop to Complete Concept, Design and Production Solutions.

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Set Design '&' Production Fair Stands, Theatre, TV '&' Film, Exhibitions, POS, Events